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    Age Saw BladesMd120-T10 Scoring 120Mm/12X2 3/4 Bore

    Age Saw Blades Md120-T10 Scoring 120Mm/12X2 3/4 Bore

    Product Code: AMA-MD120-T10
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    Amana AGE Series SCORING 120MM/12x2 3/4 BORE Saw Blade
    Adjustable Scoring Sets
    • ATB (Alternate Top Bevel)
    • Pre-scoring in plastic laminate sheets

    Used on panel saws and sliding table saws with separate scoring units for chip-free cuts on both sides of the material. Adjustable scoring sets consist of two 12-tooth saw blades with shims to adjust the kerf width (2.8mm to 3.6mm). Used in combination with our industrial saw blades 6 series only.