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Bolle' Safety Eyewear proposes a wide choice of safety glasses: safety spectacles, safety goggles, safety eye shields.
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Bolle Boss Safety Spectacles Bolle Chronosoft Safety Goggle Bolle Cobra Strap

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Bolle Prism Safety Glasses

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Bolle Safety Spectacles Silium Bolle Safety Spectacles Slam Bolle Safety Spectacles Solis

Bolle Safety Spectacles Spirit Bolle Safety Spectacles Tracker Bolle Spider Safety Eyewear

Bolle Twister Plastic Spectacles Bolle Universal Safety Glasses Bolle Voodoo Safety Glasses

The ultra-purpose all rounder with a panoramic
visual field.
Enveloping and without any visual interference
the Cobra offers 180 panoramic visual field
with perfect optical quality. The ability to interchange
the temples with an adjustable strap
and foam option makes the Cobra an ultra versatile
The Cobra adapts to all risks, versatile, modern
design combined with quality and precision.