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The new generation of the multipurpose system for interior outfitting and renovation is here: The new FEIN MULTIMASTER has developed from the unique experience that FEIN has acquired in over 40 years in oscillation Technology. With the oscillating movement and particularly user-friendly accessories, the FEIN MULTIMASTER is an unbeatably versatile, high-precision specialist tool perfect for all professional outfitting, renovation and repair work.

The multimaster is a variable speed oscillating tool that used a broad assortment of accessory blades to handle hundreds of previously manual tasks. Instead of scraping paint with a putty knife, you use a powered scraping blade.  And instead of sanding tight spaces with your finger, you use one of the Multimaster's varied sanding pads.  The multimaster doesn't rotate or orbit like other power tools.  It oscillates.  Oscillation permits you to do extremely fine and delicate work or be more aggressive, depending on the accessory and material.  It's a multipurpose tool that performs each of its tasks as if it were dedicated to that function alone.      

The astonishing broad range of application makes the FEIN Multimaster one of the most versatile and therefore most sensible tools on the market. The application range is almost limitless and will always produce professional results. For renovating all around the house for car repairs, boat maintenance, and model building. and that's not the only reason the original Fein Multimaster has regularly been awarded the best marks in field tests throughout the world. To ensure that you can make the most out of the excellent capacities of your Fein Multmaster for your needs, it is available in different versions with extensive equipment and accessories.