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Fein dust extractors and vacuums are powerful and durable yet comfortably quiet. vacuum performance is measured by static water lift, and a t 90 to 99 inches of water lift, Fein vacs produce far greater suction than the competition. And, at an average 60 decibels, they are far quieter than most other popular vacuums. all Fein vacs and dust extractors are designed for heavy duty, continuous industrial use and employ dual fan turbo cooling to extend motor life. all models can be used wet or dry and have accessory filters up to .3 micron (HEPA) available for them.

The Turbo I and Turbo II models, when combined with Fein's random orbit sanders, are an integral part of Fein's 98% dust free sanding system. Plug your random orbit sander directly into Fein dust extractor. The tool's switch turns the dust extractor on and off and provides a ten second delay after shut off to clear the hose. Fein dust extractors handle power tools with inputs of 40 to 2,000 watts (.3 to .19 amps).

Fein Turbo Cooling Technology uses a dual fan motor to prevent electrical damage and extend the life of the motor. One fan is sealed and creates suction to draw in air and debris, filter it and exhaust it. The second fan draws cooling air from outside and across the motor. This technique, typically found only on more expensive vacuums, assures you that the motor will never be started for cooling air or exposed to dirt and grime in the tank even if the hose and filter are blocked.