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Materials Used in Lineman's Climbing Equipment

Klein Lineman's belt straps, billets, and pocket tabs are made of Klein-Kord. Klein-Kord is an exceptionally strong, multi-ply filament nylon fabric that is neoprene-impregnated, folded, and vulcanized. Klein-Kord is abrasion-resistant, non-conductive, virtually free from stretch, and flexible for ease of use and durability. It has excellent chemical resistance and is virtually unaffected by creosote and other pole-treatment chemicals. In addition, its properties and wear characteristics remain essentially unchanged at temperatures up to 250F (121C).

The center plies of Klein-Kord are red at the core. When the red plies appear replace it. This "early warning" feature is yet another safety measure.

Drop-Forged Steel Hardware
Klein D-rings, snap-hooks, and tongue buckles are made of drop-forged steel with a corrosion-resistant finish. All hardware is tested to meet or exceed applicable standards and OSHA requirements.

Nylon Webbing
Klein uses a high-quality, commercial-grade nylon. The nylon webbing is impregnated with resin for extra durability and abrasion resistance.

Rolled-edge, chrome-tanned leather is used for cushioning in all Klein lineman's belts. These cushions have sponge-rubber cores for added comfort. Other components, such as tool loops, are made of latigo leather, hand-laced and stitched to the belt cushion. Tape thong straps are constructed from long-lasting leather with a vulcanized fiber cross-piece. On top-of-the-line belts, straps are covered with harness leather.

Nickel Plating
Klein knife snaps, glove-bag rings, and suspender rings are nickel plated for durability and corrosion resistance.

Body Belt Ordering Procedure

The catalog number used to order a Lineman’s Body Belt is made up of specific parts. Each part of the number refers to a component or component size. The following is a typical example of a catalog number: 5278N-24D

Use the following ordering procedure to properly identify and select each component in order to create a catalog number for your Lineman’s Body Belt.

1. Know the job and regulations governing performance requirements for the equipment needed.

2. Select the belt style. Klein lineman’s body belts are available in a choice of full-floating, semi-floating and fixed styles, and features the choice of belt pad size. All Klein lineman’s body belts have chrome-tanned leather cushions for greater comfort. Full-floating belts allow lateral movement of the D-rings during use. Semi-floating belts only allow lateral movement prior to wearing. Fixed-style belts allow no lateral movement of the D-rings.

3. Select the proper belt size. The comfort of a lineman’s belt depends on the construction of the belt and the location of the D-rings. The D-rings should be located about 1" (25 mm) in front of the hip bones. Never order Klein lineman’s body belts by waist size. Always order Klein lineman’s body belts by the desired distance between D-rings.

To obtain the correct D-to-D (D-ring to D-ring) size, measure from hipbone to hipbone (pants side-seam to side-seam), and then add 2" (51 mm.)

If you need a non-standard size harness please call an Sales Representative at 877-783-8899.

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Klein Lineman Body Belt Standard Full Floating 5282N