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Lenox Tools

Lenox All-In-One Screwdrivers Lenox Bi-Metal Utility Bits Lenox Carbide Hole Cutter
Lenox Circular Saw Blades Lenox Copper Tube Cutters Lenox Hacksaws
Lenox Hole Saws Lenox Leader Bits Lenox One Tooth Hole Cutter
Lenox Pipe Wrenches Lenox Reciprocating Sawzall Blades Lenox Ship Auger Bits
Lenox Snips Lenox Soft Storage Tool Bag Lenox Tubing Cutters
Lenox Utility Knives and Blades Lenox Vari-Bit Step Drill Bits
ACCURATE, BURR-FREE HOLES Patented two flute design cuts fast, clean, round holes
STARTS ON CONTACT Split point design for faster penetration and less walking
LONG TOOL LIFE Steam oxide coating adds durability Enhanced flute design removes chips rapidly

Lenox Tools

Lenox offers a wide range of durable, long lasting power tool accessories that prove themselves on the professional job site everyday. Available for a wide range of applications. Lenox Hand Tool are tools to make your job easier. Lenox's Joining Technologies are innovative torches which provide superior performance on any job. The same dependable quality can be found with our premium alloys and accessories, which meet the highest industry standards.

Professional tradesmen require contractor-grade tool bags for transporting, organizing
and protecting their tools. Reliable tool storage and transport systems translate to a more
efficient and effective working experience. The ability to transfer the necessary tools
all in one trip and locate the correct tool allows for easier and faster results, maximizing
productivity on the job site.

LENOX, a leading manufacturer of premium power tool accessories, hand tools, torches,
Reciprocating Saw Blades and Metal Cutting Saw blades spent months gathering the needs of qualified tradesmen to
develop a line of soft storage tool bags. LENOX soft storage tool bags are the result of multiple
rounds of field testing with technicians and a series of in-house destructive tests. These bags
are designed to deliver multiple tool organization choices and are durable enough to hold up
to extreme abuse.