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AVT is the amazing new anti-vibration technology from Makita�and the way forward in protecting against the effects of vibration related injury�its a milestone in user safety and reliability, setting a benchmark for others in the power tool industry to follow.

AVT technology was derived from research carried out at the Seismic Research Unit in California�originally the systems described below were set up to measure the strength of earthquakes by monitoring the tremors they created. This research led to numerous scientific studies, which focused on the effects of tremors and vibrations. Scientists discovered that its possible to diminish the effects of earthquake tremors by applying the principles of Dynamic Damping� the fundamental concept on which AVT is based.

Dynamic Damping is a way of moving energy so that it drains away from the object you are holding� the more heavily dampened the system� the faster the energy will drain away. There are various ways of achieving this i.e. using a mechanical damper�essentially a counter balance weight�that provides an equal and opposite anti-vibration force. This force puts an equal mass directly opposite the point at which the striker bolt delivers the impact joules to the drill bit, saw blade, or breaker steel� effectively eliminating vibration as power increases. Additionally, without the dissipation of power through vibration, more of the energy generated by the motor is delivered to the drill bit, saw blade, or breaker steel.

There�s also a Dynamic Vibration Absorber incorporated into the design, which shifts the air pressure in the crank assembly, enabling the barrel to actively control the balancer and move it to the opposite side.

Makita has engineered three different tools with AVT. The first is the Rotary Hammer, Makita HR4010C, which has a secondary operator protection system: A 2-mass (anti-vibration) handle mounting system, which isolates the machine from the handle with spring mounts. The handle mounting system effectively reduces the amount of vibration by absorbing it into the new grip handle--- called the Vibration Absorbing Grip. This tool has two times less vibration and 50% more efficient drilling compared to Rotary Hammers without AVT.

The second tool is the Makita 70 lb. Electric Breaker,Makita HM1810 . This tool conforms to U.S. construction safety ordinances, and actually exceeds the more stringent European Health & Safety regulations-- including the Outdoor Noise Directive. This breaker has three times less vibration and 30% more efficient chipping compared to Electric Breakers without AVT.

The third tool is the Recipro Saw, Makita JR3070CT. This muscle machine cuts through material like a hot knife through butter. Special design emphasis, focusing on ergonomics, was considered by Makita engineers�so rubber grip areas were also incorporated into the AVT tool designs. These new grips are noticeably more comfortable�especially on long, tiring jobs.