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Milwaukee Cobalt Drill Bits
  • Milwaukee Hole Dozer Carbide Teeth Hole Saws

    This made in the USA Extreme Hole Saws cuts through multi materials. Last 50x longer than the standard bi-metal hole saw.
  • Milwaukee BIG HAWG with Carbide Teeth Hole Saws

    BIG HAWG™ with Carbide Teeth gives users 50x life in demanding applications with the ability to cut 1000+ more nails. 10X larger carbide teeth rip through materials 5X faster than any hole saw on the market, while oversized slots make for easy plug removal and chip ejection.
  • Milwaukee Diamond Hole Saws

    Choose the Milwaukee® Diamond MAX™ Hole Saws for up to 10X longer life when cutting tile, stone and glass. Diamond MAX™ Hole Saws deliver best-in-class performance, with higher grade diamonds for maximum heat and fracture resistance. An improved braze provides superior diamond retention when cutting hard, abrasive materials. The One-Piece Hole Saw has a 1/4" quick change hex shank and features a large slug ejection slot. Designed as the single cutting solution for all tile, stone, and glass applications, Diamond MAX™ offers the lowest cost-per-hole on the market.
  • Milwaukee Hole Saw Arbors and Accessories

    Milwaukee Cobalt Drill Bits
  • Milwaukee Hole Dozer Bi-Metal Hole Saws

    Made in the USA, the Milwaukee®HOLE DOZER™ Hole Saw features Rip Guard™, the strongest tooth form in the industry, and Plug Jack™, an all access slot design that allows for full access plug removal.
  • Milwaukee Hole Saw Kits

    Milwaukee Cobalt Drill Bits
  • Milwaukee Recessed Light Hole Saws

    Made with a continual rim, these saws won't tear material and will leave a clean finish.These saws are manufactured using carbide grit for cutting through drywall, plaster, acoustical tile, wood and stucco with mesh.

Milwaukee Hole Saws