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    Ames True Temper

    Founded in 1774, Ames True Temper has a storied history of innovation and growth, leading it to become a trusted name in the tools industry. Starting as a small operation, it has transformed over the centuries through strategic mergers and acquisitions. This evolution has been instrumental in expanding its product line and market reach. Today, Ames True Temper operates as a proud subsidiary of Griffon Corporation, a testament to its enduring legacy and ongoing relevance in the modern market.



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    Manufacturing Excellence

    When you walk into any major hardware store, chances are the majority of wheelbarrows you see come from one place: the Ames True Temper plant in Harrisburg. This isn’t just a factory; it’s a cornerstone of true temper tools that have supported garden enthusiasts and professionals alike since the 19th century. Maintaining its operation at this historic location, Ames True Temper prides itself on a legacy of quality and durability that few can match.

    This commitment to excellence is seen in every wheelbarrow that comes off the line—products that have helped lay the foundations of buildings, cultivate millions of acres of garden, and clean countless sites after a hard day’s work. The Harrisburg plant’s role in tool history is not just about maintaining operations but continually improving and innovating to meet modern demands without sacrificing the quality that has been its hallmark for nearly 150 years.

    Ames True Temper Products

    Tools for Gardening and Landscaping

    For those of you who love to get your hands dirty in the garden or meticulously maintain your lawn, Ames True Temper provides an array of tools that cater to every aspect of gardening and landscaping. Whether you’re turning over soil for a new vegetable patch with a robust shovel, smoothing out a flower bed with a finely-tined rake, or transporting soil and plants with a durable wheelbarrow, Ames True Temper has the right tool for the job. Their products are designed to handle everything from the delicate care of your flower gardens to the more demanding tasks of landscaping.

    Their shovels, rakes, and wheelbarrows are crafted with the understanding that gardening and lawn care are not just hobbies but passions. This dedication to quality ensures that whether you’re a casual gardener or a professional landscaper, you have the best tools in hand to cultivate and nurture your outdoor spaces.

    Construction and Commercial Tools

    Beyond the garden and lawn, Ames True Temper extends its expertise to the construction site with tools engineered for the rigors of heavy-duty work. Sledgehammers, pick mattocks, and other construction tools from Ames True Temper are built to perform under pressure and last through the toughest jobs. These tools are the backbone for workers in the construction industry who rely on their equipment to be as tough as the materials they work with.

    Whether breaking ground on a new site or demolishing old structures to make way for new developments, Ames True Temper’s construction tools are trusted by professionals for their resilience and efficiency. They understand that in commercial applications, the quality of your tools can mean the difference between a job well done and a job that needs to be redone.

    Innovations and Quality

    Craftsmanship and Durability

    At Ames True Temper, the commitment to craftsmanship is not just about maintaining old traditions; it’s about integrating them with cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to produce tools that last longer and perform better. Each tool is crafted using high-quality materials that ensure durability and efficiency. From the carbon steel used in shovels to the hardened wooden handles of rakes, each component is chosen for its ability to withstand the test of time and use.

    The result is a product line that not only meets the practical demands of your tasks, whether in the garden, lawn, or construction site, but also exceeds expectations in terms of performance and longevity. Ames True Temper tools are designed with an understanding of the work they will perform, ensuring that each tool is not only fit for purpose but also offers superior comfort and reliability over extended use. This dedication to quality makes their tools a favorite among professionals and home gardeners alike, who trust Ames True Temper to offer nothing less than the best.

    Sustainable Practices

    Understanding the importance of environmental stewardship, Ames True Temper has also committed to sustainable practices in their manufacturing processes. This commitment involves the careful selection of materials, efficient manufacturing processes that minimize waste, and policies that support the sustainability of the environments in which they operate.

    While details on specific practices are curated to align with industry standards and advancements in sustainability, Ames True Temper’s approach ensures that the tools you use not only work well but also contribute positively to environmental conservation. This integration of sustainability into their business model represents a forward-thinking approach to tool manufacturing, where quality products and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.

    Why Choose Ames True Temper?

    Trusted by Professionals

    Ames True Temper tools are not just popular among gardening enthusiasts and homeowners; they are a staple in professional industries where reliability can’t be compromised. From landscapers shaping vast garden estates to construction workers on urban development projects, these tools are trusted to perform. The reason? They consistently deliver on the promise of quality and durability. Testimonials from seasoned professionals across various industries highlight how Ames True Temper tools help them achieve precise, efficient results every time.

    Commitment to Innovation

    At Ames True Temper, innovation is continuous. While they honor their rich history, they are always looking ahead, developing new technologies and refining existing ones to meet the evolving needs of their users. This dynamic approach to product development ensures that Ames True Temper remains at the forefront of the tool industry.