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    Dewalt Dw1634 1-1/2 Heavy-Duty Self-Feed Bit

    Dewalt Dw1634 1-1/2 Heavy-Duty Self-Feed Bit

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    DeWalt DW1634 1-1/2" Heavy-Duty Self-Feed Bit

    Cut your rough-cut holes in wood faster with DeWalt's self-feed bits. The two-cutter design is available from the smallest to the largest bit, unlike some of the competition that only uses it on sizes above 3 inches. The self-feed spur is extremely aggressive and can be replaced. Flats have been added to the bit shank to eliminate the shank spinning in the chuck.
    * Two-cutter design for faster and smoother drilling* Aggressive self-feed spur* Flats on bit shank for better bit retention* Blades can be resharpened* Satisfaction guaranteed
    * Two cutter design reduces binding and stalling.* Self-feeding screw provides fast material penetration.* Shank flats eliminate bit slipping in chuck.