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    Cmt 839.945.11 Beading Bit

    Cmt 839.945.11 Beading Bit

    Product Code: CMT-839.945.11
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    CMT 839.945.11 Carbide Tipped 2 Flute Beading Bit, 5/8" radius, 1/2" shank

    The smaller bearing on the CMT Beading bits makes a delicate inset at the base of the cut, giving you the advantage of an extra decorative option. Simply change the bearing on your Roundover bit to create a bead profile. Important: always assemble the black bearing heat shield with the raised side up when changing the bearing. Improper assembly will cause the screw to come loose and the bearing to fall off when working. All CMT Roundover Bits have a 1/2 bearing diameter with the exception of the 1-1/8 and the 1-1/4 bits which have a 3/4 bearing diameter. You have 13 different radii to choose from, the majority with 2 shank diameter options. All bits are made of Fatigue Proof steel and have carbide tipped cutting edges.

    Spare Parts:

    • 791.002.00 Bearing 3/8
    • 990.057.00 Screw for Bearing 1/8W X 1/4"
    • 990.422.00 Shield for Bearing - I.D. 5mm x O.D. 9mm
    • 991.057.00 Hex Key 3/32

    Tech Specs:

    • Shank -              1/2
    • Bearing Dia. -     3/8
    • Overall Dia. -      1-3/4
    • Cutting Length -  7/8"

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    Shank: 1/2" Cutting:7/8" Diameter: 1-3/4" Length: 2-49/64