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    Getting the Grip: A Guide to Different Types of Saws

    Getting the Grip: A Guide to Different Types of Saws

    When it comes to cutting through various materials with precision and accuracy, a saw is an essential tool for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesperson. At Ace Tool, we understand the importance of having the right saw for the job, which is why we offer a diverse range of hand saws and power saws, each designed to handle specific cutting tasks. In this guide, we'll take a closer look at different types of saws available at Ace Tool, helping you choose the right one to get the job done efficiently. Shop online today.

    Coping Saws

    Coping saws are versatile hand saws that allow for intricate and detailed cuts, making them ideal for cutting curves and intricate patterns. These saws have a thin, narrow blade stretched between a U-shaped frame, enabling easy maneuverability and precision. Coping saws are commonly used in woodworking, especially for creating decorative or ornamental designs.

    Jab Saw

    Jab saws, also referred to as drywall saws, are specifically designed for cutting through drywall, plasterboard, and other similar materials. These saws feature a pointed tip and a sharp-toothed blade, which makes it easy to start cutting holes or shapes. Jab saws often have a short blade and a comfortable handle for convenience and control during cutting tasks.

    Circular Saws

    Circular saws are one of the most versatile power tools available. Known for their circular blade design, they are perfect for making straight cuts in a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, and plastic. Ace Tool offers a diverse selection of circular saws, including corded and cordless models, with different blade sizes and cutting capacities.


    Jigsaws are ideal for cutting intricate shapes and curves. They feature a reciprocating blade, which moves up and down rapidly, allowing for precise and detailed cuts. Ace Tool stocks jigsaws with variable speed controls and orbital action, enabling users to adjust the cutting motion according to the material being cut.

    Miter Saws

    Miter saws are the go-to power saws for making accurate crosscuts and miter cuts. They are commonly used in woodworking and trim installation projects. Ace Tool offers both standard and compound miter saws, giving users the flexibility to make bevel cuts in addition to angled cuts.

    Table Saws

    Table saws are heavy-duty power tools designed for handling large materials and making precise rip cuts. Ace Tool offers a wide range of table saws, including portable and stationary models, with features such as fence systems, blade guards, and dust collection ports for a convenient and safe cutting experience.

    Reciprocating Saws

    Reciprocating saws, also known as sawzalls, are designed for heavy-duty cutting tasks. They are commonly used for demolition work, cutting through materials like wood, metal, and PVC pipe. Ace Tool carries a variety of reciprocating saws, including corded and cordless options, with adjustable speed settings and orbital action for maximum control and efficiency.

    Chop Saws

    Looking for a power saw that provides accurate, straight cuts in various materials? Look no further than Ace Tool's wide selection of chop saws. Built for precision and reliability, these saws offer optimal cutting performance for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

    Cut-Off Saws

    Ace Tool's range of cut-off saws provides professionals and enthusiasts alike with the power, precision, and convenience required for efficient material cutting. From heavy-duty metal cutting to versatile multi-material applications, these saws offer enhanced productivity and accurate results.


    When choosing a saw, it's crucial to consider the type of material you'll be cutting and the intended purpose of the saw. Ace Tool offers a wide selection of hand and power saws to meet your needs. We've explored some above, but we offer more. To discover our saws, visit our Wantagh, New York, store, or browse online today!