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    • Kreg Clamps are Amazingly fast.
      When you don't spend your time clamping, waiting for glue to dry, and wading through complicated math, it's amazing how quickly your projects come together! With Kreg Joints you can forget all that other stuff and really have fun with your projects.
    • Glue is optional.
      It's time-consuming and it's messy -- and completely optional! Unlike mortise and tenons, dowels, and biscuits, the self-tapping screws inside of every Kreg Joint hold the stock together without any additional help.
    • Simple math.
      Put the calculators away, and start building already! With Kreg Joints, what you see is what you get, and unlike other techniques, there's no need to spend all your time calculating stock-overlaps and dry-fitting individual workpieces.
    • Strength to spare.
      It's fast, and it's easy -- but it's also amazingly strong! Unlike other techniques, Kreg Joinery utilizes the mechanical advantage of self-tapping steel screws to maximize your joint-strength over the long haul. It's the same strength that industrial woodworkers have counted on for years, and now it's available to everyone!
    • Thousands of uses.
      Kreg Joints can be used in nearly any situation; so whether you're building a chair, building a cabinet, making repairs to your squeaky fl oor, working with plywood or beautiful hardwood, Kreg Joints are always a perfect fit. Whatever it is you need to build, whatever it is that needs to be repaired, Kreg Joints can help!
    • No commitments.
      Don't worry about needing a shop full of clamps or expensive saws and sanders. Kreg Joints are amazingly affordable to use, and require only the simplest of tools. All you need to get started, is a Kreg Jig, a drill, and a saw.
    • Half the work.
      Kreg Joinery saves you time and frustration at every step -- or lack of a step. Don't worry about precisely lining up dowel holes, or spending hours cutting a perfect mortise and tenon; just drill the holes, drive the screws, and move on to the next project!