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Imer Vertical Shaft Mortar Mixers
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Imer 2204466 Bearing 6006 Imer 3232759 Seal C1000 / M350 / C3000 Imer 2224534 USA C250 Washer
Imer 2204466 Bearing 6006
Ace Tool Price: $9.94
Imer 2224534 USA C250 Washer
Ace Tool Price: $2.46
Imer, made in Italy with world class mixers and tile saws. Ace Tool has been carrying the complete line since 2002. We are an authorized service center for Imer and stock not only the entire equipment, but parts as well. We have certified technicians who can help you with any service questions that you may have. Imer portable mixers have been a great seller because of there specially designed drum interior which allows very quick and thorough mixing of concrete and morter. Imer stands the test of time. The tile saws are very accurate and can accommodate large pieces of tile and granite. if you have any questions please feel free to contact us toll free 877-783-8899 Imer products sold at discounted prices at Ace Tool is full stocking dealer for Imer Saws, Mixers,and Equipment. Ace Tool is Imers Authorize Service Center. All Imer Equipment and Imer Parts are available for immediate shipment.