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    Amana 518108 18 Inch /108T Non Ferrous T.C Grind

    Amana 518108 18"/108T Non Ferrous T.C Grind

    Product Code: AMA-518108
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    Amana Tool 518108 18"/108T NON FERROUS T.C GRIND
    Saw Blade Application: Specially designed carbide and blade geometry for cutting aluminum & non-ferrous metal bars and relatively thick-walled extrusions & profiles. Under certain conditions these versatile saw blades can also be used to cut other 'difficult' materials such as plastic PVC tubing and fiberglass. When cutting non-ferrous metals a coolant or blade wax should be used and proper clamping devices employed.WARNING! : NEVER attempt to cut ferrous metals (steel iron etc.) with these saw blades.

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