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    Age Saw Blades Md10-305 Hd Non-Ferrous 10"X30T Tcg 5/8

    Age Saw Blades Md10-305 Hd Non-Ferrous 10"X30T Tcg 5/8

    • SKU# MD10-305
    Product Code: AMA-MD10-305
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    Amana AGE Series Heavy Duty NON-FERROUS 10 Inch x 30 Tooth TCG 5/8 Bore Saw Blade
    Non-Ferrous Hurricane Shutter Saw Blades
    *Specially designed to cut heavy gauge aluminum
    • TCG ( Triple Chip Grind )
    • Very tight side top clearance to slice though any material(s)

    This utility saw blade is designed for cutting non-ferrous metals such as brass copper and aluminum. Its rugged design makes it specially suited for rough abusive applications. The teeth features a "chip limiting" design which limits overfeeding and grabbing the workpiece. The saw blade is well suited for use in a radial arm saw miter saw and table saw and will also cut wood and plastic.Tips
    For safe accurate cuts always clamp the workpiece securely. Lubrication will reduce friction and heat and prolong the life of the saw blade.