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    Bosch Co4139 3/16 Cobalt Sp Jobber Drill Bit  (Bulk 12)

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    Bosch Co4139 3/16 Cobalt Sp Jobber Drill Bit (Bulk 12)

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    Bosch CO4139 3/16" Cobalt SP Jobber Drill Bit (Bulk 12)

    Bosch cobalt drill bits offer the best heat resistance and rigid thick web design for drilling in extremely hard and abrasive materials such as treated stainless steel (precipitation-hardened), cast iron and titanium.
    * A tough cobalt alloy delivers heat resistance up to 1100 deg Fahrenheit allowing the bit to perform for extended periods of time in the most abrasive materials without failing due to the high heat levels. Overall bit hardness of 66-68 HRC from the cobalt formulation gives the ability to penetrate exceptionally tough materials* 135 deg split point starts on contact with no walking or skating and no center punch is required