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    Majestic 87-9000 Emergency Identification Tag

    Majestic 87-9000 Emergency Identification Tag

    Majestic Glove
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    Majestic 87-9000 Emergency Identification Tag 25 Pack

    The American Worker ID Emergency Tag from Majestic enables workers to securely carry their emergency ID. In an accident, the system provides first responders and paramedics instant access to potential lifesaving information and allows emergency contacts to be quickly notified of a situation 24/7. American Worker ID is a tested, proven, and effective solution to strengthen onsite safety and risk management.

    • In Case of Emergency (ICE) identification sticker
    • Strengthens on-site safety procedures and worker information records
    • Essential for work sites with large worker numbers and frequent staff rotation or turnover
    • Fully secure - security flap protects workers information
    • 100% Waterproof3M adhesive will not weaken or damage safety helmets