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The engineers at Stiletto Tools have developed a line of lightweight Stiletto Titanium hammers. These new Hand Held hammers are in a class by themselves, with features like improved balance, better face hardness and durability, stronger head-to-handle connection, more accurate nail pulling performance, and of course our signature magnetic nail slot. These lighter tools have the power to drive framing nails with the ease of a heavier steel framing hammers, with better control and accuracy.

These features make these tools ideal for the Professional Framer, Remodeler, and Finish carpenters. These Stilettos are professional tools, yet working women in the building industry will find they are more easily able to manipulate these lighter tools and drive nails like a seasoned carpenter.

The Contractor does not have to complain about pain in their forearms anymore. The Stiletto hammer might be costly to some but what we hear from our customers is that it is so worth it. Stiletto hammers are lightweight but do as good a job as any other hammer on the market. What a difference it makes! Also you can replace the face when it gets worn out without buying a new hammer. is proud to be an authorized dealer of all Stiletto Hammers.

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Stiletto's line of truly ergonomic and innovative hammers are like no others on the market. Stiletto combines the latest technology in materials, design, and balance to create striking tools that outperform any other hammer on the market today.
  • Titanium delivers 97% of your swing energy to the nail compared to 70% with Steel hammers. Get more done with less effort!
  • Titanium provides 10 times greater dampening of harmful recoil shock vibrations than steel. Less recoil means less pain.
  • Titanium weighs 45% less than a steel hammer of similar size. Less weight means less fatigue at the end of the workday.